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Trinocular Microsocpe with Digital High Resolution Camera

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We are offering Trinocular microscope with different types of 50 pcs slide which is related to various types of Fungi,Bacteria,Histology,Zoology slide etc.

(5 year warranty)



Trinocular Digital Microscope  Specification

Magnification – 50x – 1000x.

Observation – Trinocular 45˚, 360˚ rotatable, with interpupillary and diopter adjustment.

Stand – A rigid & heavy stand.

Focusing – Coarse and fine focusing by conveniently placed separate knobs 1 div. 0.002 mm.

Stage – Horizontal Mechanical stage 120 x 140 mm. with fine vernier graduation. Designed with convenient co–axial adjustment for slide manipulation through 50 x 70 mm.

Illumination – The illuminator incorporated 3W LED lamp and has adjustable brightness.

Condenser – Sub stage Abbe filter holder N.A. 1.25 condenser with Iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder focusable by rack & pinion.

Nose Piece – Quadruple revolving nose piece with positive click stops.

Eye Pieces – W.F. 10 x Anti Fungus Coated.( Paired) F.O.V.18 MM.

Digital Usb Camera 5.0 Megapixel Color CMOS sensor, Size 1/2″, Pixel size 2.2×2.2 micron Resolution 2592×1944, PC interface, 30 bit color depth, exposure time 1 Microsecond to 2 seconds. High Image Transmission convenient to use any standard Microscope. Digital Camera can change image into Digital signal & send it to your P.C.


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