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Kids Microscope with 25 slides (Age6+)

2,600.00 2,100.00


Kids Microscope Specification

(5 year of warranty)

Magnification – 100x – 450x.

Stand – Robust and stable inclinable through 90˚, Mechanical tube length 160mm.

Focusing – Separate knobs for coarse and fine motion.

Stage – Fixed square stage size 120 x 120 mm. with clips.

Illumination – Plano Concave mirror in fork mount replaceable by Sub stage microscope lamp.

Condenser – Sub stage Abbe filter holder N.A. 1.25 condenser with Iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder.

Nose Piece – Dust proof triple revolving nose piece with positive click stops.

Objectives – Achromatic 10x & 45x (SL).

Eye Pieces – W.F. 10x Anti Fungus Coated.




Kids microscopes are great and can help to encourage children to be interested in science, and the environment they live in.

When deciding what microscope to purchase for your child there are several things that will need to be considered.You will need to think about the age of the child, and your budget,but here we are offering  for your kid microscope with different types of slides. (Age6-12) in mean while your child can enjoy the microscopic world.




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