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Botany Set of 50 Slides




Botany Set of 25 Slides

This Botany set of 50 slides provide you a natural way to explore plant Anatomy.

  • Nostoc w.m.
  • Spirogyra vegetative¬† w.m.
  • Euglena w.m.
  • Diatoms w.m.
  • Oedogonium w.m.
  • Volvox w.m.
  • Rhizopus Vegetative w.m.
  • Aspergillus w.m.
  • Penicillium w.m.
  • Dicot Root c.s.
  • Maize Stem c.s.
  • Dicot Leaf c.s.
  • Plant cell w.m.
  • Yeast Cell w.m.
  • Maize Root c.s.
  • Stomata leaf
  • Sclerenchyma Tissue
  • Xylem Tissue
  • Phloem Tissue
  • Lily Ovary c.s.
  • Privet leaf c.s.
  • Seleginella Cone L.s.
  • Moss leaf w.m.
  • Oscillatoria w.m.
  • Chara veg.w.m.

Product Application

All Slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in Plastic or wooden box. This slide set is a rare mix of 50 prepared slide from which students can find a lot of fun. All slides is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home school programs.


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