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Student-Microscope with 50 Slides

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We are offering Student microscope with different types of 50 pcs slide which is related to various types of Fungi,Bacteria slide etc.

(5 year warranty)



Magnification – 100x – 1000x

Observation – Monocular tube 45˚ rotatable through 360˚.

Stand – A rigid & heavy stand.

Focusing – Coarse and fine focusing by conveniently placed separate knobs 1 div. 0.002 mm.

Stage – Fixed square stage size 120 x 140 mm. with co-axial graduated Mechanical stage for X & Y movements up to 55mm to 75mm.

Illumination – The illuminator incorporated 3W LED lamp and has adjustable brightness.

Condenser – Sub stage Abbe filter holder N.A. 1.25 condenser with Iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder focusable by rack & pinion.

Nose Piece – Triple revolving nose piece with positive click stops

Objectives – Achromatic 10x, 45x & 100x oil (SL).

Eye Pieces – W.F. 10x Anti Fungus Coated.


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